inflatable tent Maintenance and repair



If you have an inflatable tent, do you have these “how to care and maintain the inflatable tent” concerns? If so, don’t worry. The following will introduce the precautions and handling methods for daily use.


inflatable tents Maintenance :

1. Do not contact with sharp objects during use, so as not to scratch the airbag;

2. Operate in accordance with the manual and follow the precautions in the manual. When the temperature is high in summer, the air volume should not exceed the specified standard, and the air volume should be checked frequently. When the pressure is too high, it should be properly deflated; in winter and in the morning, when the temperature is slightly lower, pay attention to proper pressure supplementation, so as not to affect the normal use.

3. Do not get close to objects with a temperature above 70C and open flames (TPU products try to avoid prolonged contact with objects above 50″C);


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Inflatable Tent Tube Cover Must Be Straight

Why should it be emphasized that the tube sleeves of the inflatable tent must be straight? When making 100 inflatable tent tube sleeves at the same time, the biggest problem is that the monochrome difference of each cutting piece will cause the tent tube to deform and bend, which will affect the entire tent. Aesthetics and stability.

As a hand-cut and sewn custom product, KCCE does this by inflating the entire tent, adjusting the tent tubes, checking for stability and shape, picking out the defective tent tube, and inflating the other one.

Repeating these steps is very difficult, but KCCE staff know it is necessary.

KCCE workers tested 20 in 1 hour, and it took only 5 minutes for each tent tube to go from inflating to deflating.

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outdoor activity flag Display and Advertising Inflatable Flag

Introduction of display advertising inflatable flag:

Size Color Weight Inflation Time Production Time Packaging Shipping Time


6m standard or customized 5kg 3 minutes 7 days 25X23X20cm 3~5 days


8m 7kg 5 minutes 7 days 30X30X20cm


10m 9kg 7 minutes 7 days 35X35X20cm


There are three heights of inflatable flags, 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters

inflatable flag
There are two types of inflatable flags, one-sided printing inflatable flag surface, and double-sided printing inflatable flag surface.
Inflatable flagpole: natural color flagpole, such as black, white, red, blue, gray

inflatable flag
Printing flagpole, the customer specifies monochrome printing, the color is too complicated to accept printing
The base of the inflatable flag, usually a water bag, is used to add weight to the flag. If customers have special requirements or have their own better weighing methods, there is no need to choose a base.
Accessories: Usually ropes and ground nails, but because of the water bag, the ground nails can only be fixed on the water bag.​​​

inflatable flag
Electric Pump: Voltage varies from country to country. The salesperson will prompt to select the voltage electric pump of different countries. Electric pumps can be used to inflate or deflate, saving installation and packaging time.
The printing method is generally thermal transfer printing. If it is single-sided printing, it is very simple. One side is printed and the other side is not. If it is double-sided

inflatable flag

For printing, an additional layer of opaque cloth will be added in the middle to prevent the printing on both sides from affecting the appearance.

inflatable flag
Display the inflation time of the inflatable flag: generally 3 to 5 minutes, find the position of the air nozzle, and connect the electric pump.

TPU patch: If the inflatable flagpole leaks, it can be repaired with TPU patch, tear off the paper, and stick it on.


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Inflatable TPU tent use no lighting scheme

Customers request KCCE inflatable tents with lights, the tent looks more beautiful and attractive. We know that there are many suppliers in the market who have added LED lights inside the TPU capsules of the inflatable tent legs at the request of customers. The risk of air leakage in inflatable tents with LED lights is very high. I don’t know if it is true or not. Whether the inflatable tents with LED lights produced by other factories really have this problem. We made our own inflatable TPU tent tubes with lights, which we ended up with, but we didn’t think it was necessary.

1. For the inflatable tent tube of the LED light, there must be friction between the light and the TPU airbag. Whether it is adding LED light strips on TPU, or adding light strips between the tube cover and the TPU airbag, there will be friction.
2. Only add LED bulbs to the TPU inflatable tent, the light will be uneven, the bottom will be brighter, and there will be no light on the top of the tube.

3. The light strip and bulb will heat up, which will accelerate the oxidation of TPU and tube cover

4. If the LED light strip or bulb is damaged, it will increase the difficulty of replacement. The biggest advantage of this inflatable  tent is that it is easy to operate and replace, so we made samples, analyzed, and finally decided not to produce tent tubes with LED lights. If lighting is needed, we recommend customers to buy our LED panel lights, or customers can buy ordinary lights to hang on top of inflatable tents.


inflatable bucket for outdoor use

inflatable bucket

  1. Inflatable bucket is to increase the weight of the tent,Generally, a tent needs to be equipped with 4 inflatable buckets/ barrels,as long as it is filled with water after inflation, the capacity is 6L, and the weight after weighting is 8KG.
  2. the bucket/barrel is made of PVC tarpaulin and TPU bladder, which can bear a weight of less than 200KG, so it can also be used as a stool.
  3. The storage of the inflatable bucket is very simple. It can be used when it is inflated. After adding water, it can be seated. It can be connected to the tent with a D button to fix the tent. After deflating, fold it and take it away.
  4. Of course, this product can not only fix or increase the weight of our tents, but also apply to aluminum frame tents and all inflatable tents of KCCE.
  5. In addition, many customers also use it as an advertising chair, because the jacket can print advertisements. The jacket can also be changed for different scenes or advertising themes.
water stool
This is what we call the product, and it is called an inflatable stool outside. But our colleagues feel that such a name may be more in line with its shape. I’m sure everyone feels the same way.
But this product can be stronger than a bucket.
inflatable bucket

inflatable advertising tent Quick Setup Outdoor Tent

according to customers needs

The client wants to sell the KCCE car inflatable advertising tent, but is not familiar with the product. So we made a video to explain it to him.
In order to make the video more beautiful, we chose to shoot outdoors. The outdoor high temperature is 36 degrees for a full 4 hours.
This is a trolley bag for KCCE inflatable big tents and small tents. We have this bag in 2 sizes, small for 3m and 4m tents, large for 5m and 6m tents, heavy 7m and 8m tents with a special KCCE custom bag without wheels and with 2 handles.
We also welcome custom customer packages. But there is a MOQ.
Printing a logo on the bag is also an option.

inflatable advertising tent Steps

Remove the roof and walls of the KCCE tent and awning from the wheel bag, each KCCE package comes with a clean white bag. KCCE tent roofs and frames come in a larger package and customers don’t need to assemble roofs and frames. Includes all accessories for anchoring. Assembling a KCCE inflatable tent is really easy.
When you take out the packaged KCCE inflatable advertising tent roof and frame, it’s a small package, many customers don’t know how to package them as small as us, we think there are some tricks. We will show it in the following posts.
Stretch the top of the KCCE tent as flat as possible to avoid twisting.
When the KCCE inflatable tent is ready, check all the valves and overpressure valves, the black valve is for inflation, and the overpressure valve is for air leakage, so the black valve should be open to inflate, and the red or yellow overpressure valve is closed when air pressure. When the air pressure reaches the maximum value of the safety valve, the safety valve will leak, so the tent will not explode.
KCCE Inflatable Tent 4 types of inflation system, each tube is separated from the others, just inflate one tube first, then gradually inflate, make sure the valve is closed. Usually we test for at least 24 hours to check if the tent is in good sealing condition.
Immediately after the first tent leg is inflated, the leg facing it should be inflated so that the tent leg can find a support point.
When there are 3 tubes full of air, someone should lift the center of the tent to make sure the last tube can get in the air smoothly.
When the 4 tubes are inflated, the tent can stand on its own and stop inflating.
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Inflatable arch-size custom racing start and finish line

Product Description

Inflatable Arches

Inflatable arch are typically used for races and marathons. They are a perfect way to promote your brand name to a massive audience.

We have 2 options

First is completely sealed meaning you do not need a constant supply of air. Simply attach our Electric Pump, let it inflate and within minutes you have your Inflatable Race Arch completed!

Second is Constant Air. This economical choice is the most popular. It comes with a fan that you would plug in.

arch7 (1).jpgarch7 (2).jpgarch7 (3).jpg




Material 420D Dacron
SIZE outer width 7.9m, outer height: 4.7m, diameter 1.2m
Air arch types with continuous working blower
Printing Hot transfer printing for better effect
Feature color, images, velcro custom
Accessories inside blower 200W ,spikes,ropes
Usage Outdoor, Promotion, Advertising, Activity.Exhibition, sport meeting

how to order the RTS product:

1. send us the vector files including Logo or artwork

2. requests on the Vecro or Banner, you can choose need or not need

3.confirm the 2D and 3D design we made for you

4. make the payment 

5. wait for our photos for the finished products, tell us everything is fine, we will ship the arch to you

6. waiting for the goods, 7-10 delivery days


detail of inflatable arch






1. above image is to tell you how we make the inflatable arch

2. there are rings for stakes , ropes and banners. we will add the eyelets for the banner no matter your order has or has not banner

3. shipping way is DHL.

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inflatable pillar LED light advertising display air tube

inflatable pillar Product Description
inflatable pilla:The LED tube stands tall in the crowd of supporters and points directly at the sky. They can guide people like a lighthouse.
At sports games, LED tubes are used as a unit of measurement. Athletes see how far they have run without seeing their goals.
In the dark and wide square, the LED tube will not make people lonely and scared
LED TUBE does not require continuous inflation and can accompany you quietly
The size of LED TUBE can be customized
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 inflatable pillar

 inflatable pillarinflatable pillarinflatable pillarinflatable pillar

We have six normal size: Big size:                          500cm H * 60cm W

                                       Big 2 size:                          400cm H * 45cm W

                                       Middle size:                    300cm H * 45cm W

                                       Middle 2 size:                    250cm H * 45cm W

                                       Small size:                      280cm H * 60cm W

                                       Small 2 size:                      200cm H * 45cm W

.Intelligent assembly and disassembly  , used the zipper to connect.YKK zipper for walls and awnings,

.Smart assemble and disassemble, easy for exchange and maintenance.

.Stay at least 30 days after top up the air.

.environment-friendly, light and portable

.Custom logo printed.

.New branded air sealed system, no need continuous air flowing,

inflatable pillar If you don’t find the size you need, you can contact us. Our designers can be customized according to your venue event requirements. And we have rich manufacturing experience, which can help us avoid problems in actual use.






Inflatable Archs 6X4m Competition Start and End

20161103-back.jpg20161103-front.jpg20161103-4-ring for tags.jpg20161103-Velcro.jpg




Material 420D Dacron
SIZE outer width 6m, outer height: 4m, diameter 1m
Air arch types with continuous working blower
Printing Hot transfer printing for better effect
Feature color, images, velcro custom
Accessories inside blower 200W ,spikes,ropes
Usage Outdoor, Promotion, Advertising, Activity.Exhibition, sport meeting

How are Inflatable Archs customized:

1. send us the vector files including Logo or artwork

2. requests on the Vecro or Banner, you can choose need or not need

3.confirm the 2D and 3D design we made for you

4. make the payment 

5. wait for our photos for the finished products, tell us everything is fine, we will ship the arch to you

6. waiting for the goods, 7-10 delivery days



Templates for Artwork



inflatable archs

1. above image is to tell you how we make the inflatable archs

2. there are rings for stakes , ropes and banners. we will add the eyelets for the banner no matter your order has or has not banner

3. shipping way is DHL.


In addition to this size inflatable archs, we can also customize it according to your event needs. All sizes are ok, we even have split inflatable arches to meet the lengths we don’t span or for hints halfway through.

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You can also contact us directly, we have a complete product catalog for you

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inflatable stand up paddle board Stylish Design 10’6”

inflatable stand up paddle board

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Where We Are Different From Others

1. Our Paddle Board Premium Inflatable Paddle Boards are made of the highest quality military grade materials.

2. Our extra-wide design creates an incredible all-around board for people of all skill levels. They are widely used in marine or freshwater lakes and rivers. With more capacity (350 lbs) and more durable materials, he will give you the best water play experience.

3. Our premium paddle board set includes everything you need to enjoy a day on the water Also includes: your surfboard, collapsible aluminum paddles, harness, hand pump and an upgraded backpack to hold everything. Comfortable and convenient, this complete elite package will take you anywhere you want to paddle.

  Product name
inflatable stand up paddle board

water sports, water yoga, water entertainment

customized or 300*76*15cm,10’*32”*6”
High pressure drop stitch+non-slip EVA+PVC
standard accessories
Carry bag+adjustable paddle+repair kits+hand pump

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Size Chart

Max loading
Max pressure

235 (25).jpg

Company Information

KCCE Event is one of the brands of Dongguan Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. The company was established in 2006 (formerly known as Dacheng Inflatable Products Mould Co., Ltd.). Now has a factory scale of 8,000 square meters. About 150 workers and more than 100 various production machines. Passed ISO9001 and SGS safety certification. Production of inflatable equipment, such as inflatable booths, inflatable tents, inflatable booths, inflatable display cabinets, inflatable runways or inflatable paddle boards, etc.

Our competitive price and excellent quality provide personalized customized services for global customers, the design team can provide perfect solutions according to customer needs, and our manufacturing experience can also avoid some unexpected things we expected before, We will also collect some new products in the market, combined with market feedback, maintaining the development of new inflatable outdoor products will make our customers better in the market competition and make our products more in line with the consumer market.


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