Durable material TUP oxford outdoor LED light advertising display air tube

Product Description
The LED tube stands tall in the crowd of supporters and points directly at the sky. They can guide people like a lighthouse.
At sports games, LED tubes are used as a unit of measurement. Athletes see how far they have run without seeing their goals.
In the dark and wide square, the LED tube will not make people lonely and scared
LED TUBE does not require continuous inflation and can accompany you quietly
The size of LED TUBE can be customized



We have six normal size: Big size:                          500cm H * 60cm W

                                       Big 2 size:                          400cm H * 45cm W

                                       Middle size:                    300cm H * 45cm W

                                       Middle 2 size:                    250cm H * 45cm W

                                       Small size:                      280cm H * 60cm W

                                       Small 2 size:                      200cm H * 45cm W

.Intelligent assembly and disassembly  , used the zipper to connect.YKK zipper for walls and awnings,

.Smart assemble and disassemble, easy for exchange and maintenance.

.Stay at least 30 days after top up the air.

.environment-friendly, light and portable

.Custom logo printed.

.New branded air sealed system, no need continuous air flowing,