Inflatable TPU tent use no lighting scheme

Customers request KCCE inflatable tents with lights, the tent looks more beautiful and attractive. We know that there are many suppliers in the market who have added LED lights inside the TPU capsules of the inflatable tent legs at the request of customers. The risk of air leakage in inflatable tents with LED lights is very high. I don’t know if it is true or not. Whether the inflatable tents with LED lights produced by other factories really have this problem. We made our own inflatable TPU tent tubes with lights, which we ended up with, but we didn’t think it was necessary.

1. For the inflatable tent tube of the LED light, there must be friction between the light and the TPU airbag. Whether it is adding LED light strips on TPU, or adding light strips between the tube cover and the TPU airbag, there will be friction.
2. Only add LED bulbs to the TPU inflatable tent, the light will be uneven, the bottom will be brighter, and there will be no light on the top of the tube.

3. The light strip and bulb will heat up, which will accelerate the oxidation of TPU and tube cover

4. If the LED light strip or bulb is damaged, it will increase the difficulty of replacement. The biggest advantage of this inflatable  tent is that it is easy to operate and replace, so we made samples, analyzed, and finally decided not to produce tent tubes with LED lights. If lighting is needed, we recommend customers to buy our LED panel lights, or customers can buy ordinary lights to hang on top of inflatable tents.