KCCE Inflatbale TPU Tent tube with LED Light

Many customers ask us if we could add lights to KCCE  inflatable TPU tents, so that the KCCE inflatable advertising tents will look more beautiful and attractive. We know that many suppliers in the market have added LED lights to the inside of the inflatable tent leg TPU bladder at the request of customers, but we have heard that the risk of air leakage in the inflatable TPU  tent tubes with LED lights is very high. We are not sure if this is true, or whether the customer actually had such a problem after purchasing from another factory who made the inflatable TPU tent with LED lights . Therefore, we made our own inflatable TPU tent tubes with lights. We tested it and found that factories that can add lights to the inflatable TPU tent of inflatable tents did take it seriously, but we didn’t think it was necessary.

1. Inflatable TPU tent tubes with LED lights, there must be friction between the light and the TPU bladder. Whether it is adding an LED light strip to the TPU or adding a light strip between the tube cover fabric and the TPU bladder, there will be friction, and If only add LED bulbs to the bottom of the tubes of the inflatable TPU tent, the lighting will not be even, only the bottom will be brighter and the top of the tubes will be darker.

2. Both the light strip and the bulb will heat up, which will accelerate the oxidation of TPU and tube cover fabric

3. During packaging or transportation, if the LED light strip or bulb is damaged, it will increase the difficulty of replacement. The biggest advantage of this inflatable TPU tent is easy operation and replacement So we made the samples, analyzed them, and finally decided not to produce tent tubes with LED lights. If lighting is necessary, we recommend that customers purchase our LED panel lights, or customers can purchase ordinary lighting lights to hang on the top of the inflatable TPU tent, but the weight should not exceed 3KG.