Welcome To Dongguan Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., ltd

  • Company introduction

Dongguan Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., ltd was founded at 2006. It is now embraced 8000 square meter of factory scale, around 100 workers and over 100 various producing machines.

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Our company products are all about events, advertising promotion activities and exhibitions. Primary products are inflatable tents, inflatable furniture and inflatable structures.

These products most are for car exhibition, jewelry show, commodity promotion and big parties. Therefore, more unique, more humanized and high quality are the basic requirements of our products, to bring people impressive visual impact, to make all the events which use our products more attractive.


Meanwhile, we accept personal customized designs with sincere appreciation. Creating clients’ ideas and helping them to expand their business is the target we always pursuit.

Since starting a business, Mr Luo always aimed the high quality products , he also wants a big name of the brand “KCCE”. To meet the demand of enterprise development, in 2015, Mr Luo changed “Dongguan Dacheng Inflatable Mold Products Co., LTD “to “Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., LTD., meanwhile registered “KCCE” brand trademark (KC represents kaiCheng,  C represents China , E for Event ), created the brand developing way of the Chinese air tight products.