Air Tight X tent Made In 2008

Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (KCCE for short) is the first Air Tight X tent manufacturer in China.

It took a lot of time to improve and revise.

Stable quality and design around 2012, KCCE started overseas trade from 2008, but released Air Tight X tent 4 years later

Air Tight X tent

Dongguan Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (formerly Dongguan Dacheng Inflatable Mould Products Co., Ltd.) was established in 2006. Mr. Luo Xiangjun, the founder of KCCE

Based on his own experience, Mr. Luo saw the huge business opportunity of inflatable product advertising. On the basis of his prepared design team of 10 people.
Established Dongguan Dacheng Inflatable Mould Products Co., Ltd., dedicated to the manufacture of inflatable advertising products.

The closed product concept started in 2010. One of the regular American products. Clients bring new inspiration and opportunities to Mr. Luo. The client wanted a new product to replace the bulky PVC inflator, and at the same time he wanted an inflator to facilitate outdoor activities. Consideration of the possibility of this product.

Mr. Luo has not forgotten his original intention, adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, to create cost-effective air seal products.
Global customers benefit from each other and promote the “KCCE” brand to all over the world.
On the world stage, more people can enjoy the excellent products and services of “KCCE”!


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