Anchor Large Inflatable Tent with Stakes/sand bags/ropes

when you received the air tents shipped by sea or by air , please check the packages first. To see if the accessories you ordered are correct without missing and mistakes.

when you or your client use the tent, make sure valves and over pressure valves are not dropped out from the holes of the air tube fabric, please reset them with the Velcro.

when you inflate the air tent, please make sure the space is big enough for the air tent and stretch the frame as flat as possible (make sure the air tube is not twisting)  do not let anything sharp object to puncture the air tent. even better if you can put a mat on the floor to protect the air tent from abrasion with the floor.

when you setup the tent outside, please use sand bags , stakes, and ropes to well anchoring the tents, the large tents can not be used without ropes and stakes because of its light weight.

Next, we will introduce how t anchor the large 8m inflatable tent with stakes, sand bags and ropes.

  1. If the floor or earth is not solid , attach the air tent with ropes to stakes, and insert the stakes into the soft earth.
  2. Each tube with one sand bags, filling water bags with water or filling sand bags with sand, attach the bags around the air tube
  3. Anchor the walls with stakes on the soft floor, or add weight like brick or rock.


KCCE Camping Tent for Grounp Summer Travel in 2019

KCCE new inflatable camping tents were used for KCCE group summer travel in 2019

Dongguan kaicheng outdoor products co., LTD (short for KCCE below) organizes group tour every year.

This summer travel destination is Dongguan Huizhou Daya bay.

In the morning, we went to Qingquan ancient temple, which was founded in the reign of emperor Shunzhi of the Qing dynasty and has a history of 370 years.

After visiting Qingquan temple, we went to Huizhou Daya bay, where China’s daya bay nuclear power plant is located. We took a cruise to see the small eagle peninsula, and some of our colleagues took part in paragliding.

At noon, we enjoyed a seafood feast together. The seafood here is abundant and very cheap and fresh compared with the inland cities.

After lunch, we went to the last destination, Huizhou gold coast beach. The beach has few impurities, the beach and sea water are very clean, the beach is flat and wide, which is very suitable for all kinds of holiday activities.

KCCE is developing inflatable camping tents, so we looked to see if there was a big demand for this product. We will make the inflatable camping tent very light and small.

The sun is so hot on the beach that there are few places to rest, we saw many people bring fiberglass pole tents to the beach. No inflatable camping tent yet.

We will not know if the inflatable camping tent will be as popular as the fiberglass pole camping tents, but we believe that Inflatable camping tents will give people an extra choice

We have been working hard to create and enhance our self-worth and enterprise value. Welcome to join KCCE if you are looking for a job, welcome to cooperate with KCCE if you are a buyer. We have many chances to know each other.

Inflatable Cartoon of OPPO brand

Inflatable cartoon Little O is an inflatable product authorized by OPPO to Dongguan Kaicheng Outdoor Products co., LTD.(below short as KCCE)

OPPO launched the first “smiley phone” in 2008, which started the journey of exploring and leading the “being perfect”  technology. Today, OPPO enables global consumers to enjoy the “being perfect” technology with its smart terminal products with Find and R series mobile phones as the core, as well as Internet services such as OPPO+.

“Being perfect” is the essence of OPPO brand, which conveys OPPO’s pursuit of perfection and determination to achieve perfection. The ultimate beauty not only represents the pursuit of perfection, but also represents the pursuit of beauty and art.

Dongguan KCC has been cooperating with OPPO since 2008, and has been cooperating for 10 years, which is a win-win cooperation. KCCE has been following the requirements of OPPO brand for “being perfect”, striving to make each product exquisite and beautiful.

OPPO products include:

Inflatable cartoon

Inflatable single arch

Inflatable double arch


During the OPPO mobile sales season,

Order 3000 inflatable cartoons per month

Order 1000 inflatable arches per month

This year, OPPO has placed around 8,000 orders for inflatable cartoons. KCCE is busy with making these inflatable cartoons.



Customized Inflatable 3m Tent to Replace Gazebo

Customized inflatable 3m tent is made of one inflation frame and tie-up 400D Dacron canopy, space size is around 8 square meters, weighs 20kg, optional 10kg extra metal board to add the tent weight.

Our aim to make the small inflatable 3m tent is to replace the aluminum or steel gazebo tent. We are inspired by a friend from Malaysia.

A statement from him, we can see the huge market of inflatable 3m tent and his confidence on the market of the customized inflatable 3m tent.

For your information in Malaysia there’s a lot of people are running on street business kiosk ( hawker ) concept and majority of them are using folded canopy.

You can see from the photos that i gave and it’s just only a few of them.. you can Google them by searching

”Pasar Malam in Malaysia” or ” night market in Malaysia ”

The potential market is huge in here. The problem with folded canopy is difficulty on storage and very easy to get rust and they have spend more then

(Ringgit Malaysia) RM400 to RM600 just for the folded tent. From there i can see the potential of inflated tent. Very easy to handling, storage and also very light.

Maybe in future we can customize the size of the product to meet customer demand in here.

Hope we can collaborate for the good future .

KCCE got much confidence to the potential inflatable tent market. So KCCE spent almost half a year to design a cheap and new inflatable 3m tent design which is coordinate with the friend’s. He will take a year to make the promotion and demonstration, to impress people who are used to use aluminum or steer gazebo tent.

KCCE is always after the new market of inflatable products.

KCCE will make more cheap inflatable shapes to meet the different market of different countries in future.

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KCCE Inflatable Table with LED Light

KCCE Inflatable table with LED light is with 16 kinds of color changing, LED light is remote controlled and rechargeable.

Atmosphere lamp originated from Europe and America. When it was invented in 1930, it was just an experimental lamp, which was not widely used. But the lamp colour that people discovers gradually has the effect on human body and mental. Afterwards, some hospital took advantage of the function of light color to help patient rehabilitation diagnosis and treatment. Then airlines realized that they could use warm and cold colors to simulate different times of day. They installed ambience lights in the cabin and timed them during long and cross-time zone flights to help passengers adjust their circadian rhythms.

KCCE Inflatable tables with LED lights are to use this function to entertain people,create a romantic and colorful event and promotion site to ease people’s mood, meanwhile catching people’s eyes.

Press yellow button,KCCE inflatable table lights immediately into yellow, soothing people; Switch to “white”, KCCE inflatable table is quickly filled with natural light which makes a person shine; Pressing the “blue” or “purple” button also gives the KCCE inflatable table a dark neon red color that makes people want to listen to music, watch movies, drink alcohol and even have a party.

More and more outdoor sports, advertising promotions and trade fairs need lights to attract people. When people hold outdoor activities or trade fairs, KCCE LED inflatable tables and tubes become good advertising tools, which can not only provide a fantastic activity scene.

In addition, KCCE inflatable tables and tubes are especially fast in inflation and deflation, which simplifies the work of outdoor workers and greatly improves the efficiency.

Inflatable Dome Tent Of KCCE for Sales

Inflatable dome tent of KCCE is made of TPU and 400D dacron.

Inflatable dome tent is widely used for outdoor promotions , advertising events and exhibitions.

Sales in KCCE  always got the feedback from some clients : your inflatable dome tents are really very expensive compared with your competitors, i will not going to buy them from you”

However, once they try, they will see the differences, come and go, finally, they will come back to buy inflatable dome tent of KCCE.

After 10 years learning and improving, our designers got some conclusions of KCCE inflatable dome tent and other similar tents on the market.

Below information is always as the inner training and leaning files for  sales and designers, they are confidential in KCCE company but now we are going to show all of our clients and competitors.

Comparison with competitors’ products
Name KCCE  inflatable dome tent Competitors’ tent KCCE advantages
Leg fabric customized fabric normal market fabric more professional
industrial silk normal silk the strength is double better than that of  the other suppliers’
flame retardant no Passed CAPI-84, GS 5438
 strong hardness normal hardness avoid the twisting from bladder and fabric , more flat and nice
strips surface, has dark strips smooth surface high level and and quality
TPU bladder Polyester TPU Polyester TPU/PVC environment-friendly,hydrolyze polyester, can suffer more times of water corrode
thickness 0.3mm thickness 0.12-0.25mm good airtightness,reduce air leaking
hose piece no welding , ensure the airtightness
400D canopy fabric 400D heat resistance fabric/70D rip-stop fabric 210D dacron, 40D Dacron better strength, more choice
flame retardant coating no CAPI-84, GS 5438
waterproof coating no 1500mm-2000mm
UV resistant no 50+
70D wall Fabric 400D heat resistance fabric/70D rip-stop fabric 300Ddacron, 40D Dacron better strength, more choices
flame retardant coating no CAPI-84, GS 5438
waterproof coating no 1500mm-2000mm
UV resistant no 50+
Zipper YKK zipper normal zipper ensure the better quality
Accessory 4pcs sand/waterbag, 8pcs rope, 8pcs stakes, 1 hand pump, TPU tapes, valves, blower, DC 12V blower, carry bag with customozied Logo no such more ready accessories more convenient to anchor and set up the tent


Inflatable Arches Assembling and Anchoring

The inflatable arches includes inflatable round arches, inflatable double arch, inflatable square arches and custom cartoon arches.  Inflatable arches have advantages such as convenience and economy. It is the first choice of outdoor advertising media for various opening ceremony, expo, exhibition and sports meeting. But inflatable arches easily break down if they are not used properly.

Do you know how to use the inflatable arches properly?

Correct use of inflatable arch:

  1. install the inflatable archescorrectly First of all, do not fix the power cord on the access way , so that people can normal access;
  2. Open the bag of the arch, tie a rope to two buckles on the surface of the arch and two ropes at the back, and stuff sandbags inside the legs of the arch; Blow it up and fitit stably;
  3. Tie the rope tightly.

If you watch the weather forecast the day before the arch rises and know there is wind, you need to tie the rope around the arch and put more sandbags. If there is wind above six degrees, do not blow the arch. In the use process, if pedestrians walk over the wire and caused the arch falling incautiously , do not panic, reattach the power plug to the power supply , the arch itself will stand up.

inflatable arch maintenance:

  1. air productsare easily to be Just like the clothes we wear, the best materials can not against strong tearing. When using the arch, be sure to avoid sharp objects such as branches in the sky and iron hooks on communication cables.
  2. Do not drag inflatable arches. When you need to move the air arches, lift it up and move it in the air . If you drag it often, it is easy to wear out. The fabric is not fire proof . In the ceremonies , fireworks are inevitable. We must remind the customer to keep the inflatable arch away from the fire source at least 6 meters.

Inflatable Sofa Advantages and Disadvantages

1, Because of the characteristic of air , inflatable sofa/couch make human body 100% fit it when people siting or lying down, The inflatable sofa/couch gets rid of the heavy weight compared with traditional sofa/couch. Small size after deflation, collection is very easy. Applicable to a lot of places: such as people or families who often move to work, temporary sofa/couch for visitors in a small place, office lunch nap, travel camping, outdoor advertising activities. The inflatable sofa/couch is designed according to the principle of “ergonomics”, using the air buoyancy to support the human body evenly, which is beneficial to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible, and create a natural, comfortable and healthy senior enjoyment for you!

Wide use, multiple functions

A, inflatable sofa/couch volume is small, weight is light, the volume after air deflation is as big as the volume of bed sheet, weight is very light also, can fold rise pack into backpack.

  1. The inflatable sofa/couchis divided into two layers. The outer cover and inner bladder can be replaced, which is very convenient and cost saving
  2. the printing cover of inflatable sofa  can be customized by customers, which is fashionable and has personal and company brand characteristics

C, for often-move-and-often-carry outside events and activities, inflatable sofa/couch  not only reduce much burdens but also can save some space for the activity site.

  1. Others, such as travel, camping, swimming, temporary rest or nap after work or sports, are all applicable.
  2. Use and maintenance of inflatable sofa/couch
  3. the air furniturecan be inflated immediately after it is bought back, ad it can be used after the first filling. Try not to overfill the air.

B, once filled with air after 10 days, inflatable sofa/couch will be some lax, this is a normal phenomenon, inflatable sofa/couch material some elastic, filled with air after some big soft, just feel lax, as long as inflation to achieve the desired effect, but do not blow too full.

C, Seasonal conversion temperature rise, inflatable sofa air expansion, pay attention to air release. The load beaing is less than 200KG.

  1. When the temperature drops, the sofa will become soft. Pay attention to air replenishment; Any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak, this is a normal phenomenon, pay attention to inflate the inflatable sofa/couch timely

E, at any time can not be inflated enough (especially in summer), otherwise the inside pull belt sofa will overload and fracture, this situation will not be repaired.

  1. Ensure that there are no sharp objects such as nails or thorns on the floor
  2. When the inflatable sofa/couch coveris dirty, you can wash it by hand or machine
  3. When installing and replacing theinflatable sofa/couchcover , do not inflate the bladder too full, so as to avoid damage to the cover zipper or damage to the inner bladder by friction between the zipper and the inner bladder
  4. Is it troublesome to deflate?
  5. when releasing air, open the airvalve, and the airwill naturally be discharged from the inflatable sofa/couch. If you sit on the sofa to release air, the exhaust speed is very fast, less than one minute, you will naturally discharge clean, the heavier the pressure, the faster the discharge. This is the fastest way to discharge gas;
  6. If there is some residual airthat cannot be discharged quickly, the exhaust energy of an electric pump can be used
  7. Teach you how to repair the inflatable sofa/couch
  8. needle repair:

If your inflatable sofa/couch is accidentally pricked by a needle or wooden thorn one or more small needle eyes, is the most easy to repair:

  1. Cover the air valve after air release to reduce the air flow in the sofa;
  2. Take out the patch piece in the patch bag, cut it to an appropriate size, and affix it to the hole;
  3. If the hole is too big , the inner bladder can be exchanged;
  4. After the repair, wait for four hours before inflating.

If your inflatable sofa cover is accidentally cut by a knife or burned a big hole, please do not panic, kindly repair it as below methods:

  1. Cover the air valveafter air release to reduce the air flow in the sofa;
  2. Find out the patch material in the repair kit, cut off a piece, and cover the broken seam sufficiently;
  3. Sew it with a needle

1, remember not to inflate too full (especially in summer),please use the inflatable sofa/couch properly and normally.

Inflatable Marquee Tent Assemble and Disassemble

Compared with traditional tents, inflatable marquee tents are lighter in weight, smaller in volume and more convenient in transportation, with many advantages over traditional tents. And one of the key advantages is the inflatable tent can be set up and used simply and conveniently compared with the traditional tents.

The use of inflatable marquee tent is very simple, whether large or small inflatable tent, 1-2 people can install and remove, using the high pressure electric pump to inflate a tent with a size of 60 square meters only need 15 minutes, the inflatable marquee tent itself has a creative, high-quality, so it is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities as a good shelter for people, etc.

The video
tells us how to set up, first of all open the packed inflatable marquee tent, tiling the ground, and then take out the inside accessories, such as: electric air pump, stakes, ropes, repair kit, tent awnings, tent walls. When everything is ready, find inflating valve on the tube of the tent,attach the electric pump to inflate the tent . open the electric pump switch to start inflating and stop inflating till the inflatable tent completely stand and tubes become hard. (usually the large tent has two valves,when one valve is closed, please check the other one). In the case of strong wind force, the inflatable tent needs to be fixed with the ground stakes and ropes to make sure it is wind against.

Easy to build and easy to dismantle. First remove the stakes and ropes which are hold the inflatable tent. Then open the inflatable valve and let air off till the tent fall down. There is some extra air hard to be deflation, , use the electric pump deflation side to deflate the air from the inflatable marquee tent. Fold the tent as the video and pack it tightly and nicely.

Of course, inflatable marquee tents still have some points need to be careful, being careful is the best way to extend the life of inflatable marquee tents. The terrain must be carefully surveyed before the inflatable tent is erected, and no Rolling Stones, rolling logs or stones should be placed above the camp. Do not set up tents near the river and on dry riverbeds during the rainy season. In addition to prevent lightning strikes, do not put the inflatable marquee tents on the top of mountains or open fields; In the mud or sand installation, you can dig drains around the tent to ensure that the interior of the tent is dry.

Waterproof Inflatable Outdoor Tent For Camping

Inflatable outdoor tent is a good shelter for climbers.

The bodies of five climbers have been found in the slopes of the Himalayan Mountain Nanda Devi more than a week after a team of eight last contact with base camp.nanda Devi is considered one of the toughest mountains in the world to climb.

to be safe, it is the target we always peruit, but too safe, life is boring.
when you want a different and outdoor event, remember take our inflatable tent as a shelter for your travelling.

A new air pole technology or inflatable pole technology has drastically improved the efficiency of the rapid pitch tent, with the development of the inflatable tent. Here is our summary of everything you need to know about inflatable tents, with a collection of the best ones on the market at the moment. We also explore why airtents and inflatable tents for camping are proving to be so popular, and especially are considered to be the best tents for families and outdoor events.

Most clients know KCCE started from advertising and promotional tents, but KCCE founder mr Luo has been designing the inflatable camping tents. fiber glass small camping tent can not satisfied the requests of family outdoor activities, people need larger and lighter tents for outdoor living. the market of inflatable outdoor camping tent is huge.

KCCE will not only have a name of advertising/display/promotion tent, it will wide its products range soon.