Inflatable Manufacturer Promotion Video

Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of Inflatable Products Manufacturer. Mr. Luo Xiangdong, founder of KCCE, decided to make some videos to better introduce KCCE’s popular inflatable tents, such as X tents, AII tents, to more companies around the world in 2018.

All KCCE employees participated in this video to showcase our corporate culture to all customers.

Maybe we’re not the best, but we never stop looking for ways to be the best.

The reason why we attach so much importance to this work, we are unable to visit our factory in person for many reasons. We try to show our most authentic side to customers who can’t visit the factory. After many attempts to complete our first shooting.

If you need more information about our inflatable manufacturer products and production pictures, please contact us.

The whole shooting time lasted a whole day, and many colleagues were not very natural to face the camera.

This is a group photo of everyone who worked hard for another day to complete the shooting task.

inflatable manufacturer

Dongguan Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (formerly Dongguan Dacheng Inflatable Mould Products Co., Ltd.) was established in 2006.

Mr. Luo, the founder of KCCE, was a famous product designer in the domestic advertising industry in the early days. He has more than ten years of design experience and has his own unique design philosophy.


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