Inflatable Gymnastics Air Track Mat

Every family attaches great importance to children’s education, most children must learn dance, taekwondo, martial arts, gymnastics and so on. And the skeleton of the children is not yet mature, and it is easy to be injured, so these indoor and outdoor trainings must be inflated with air cushions to protect the children.
In addition, families with many children at home can put an air cushion on the floor of the home to facilitate the children to crawl. When outdoors, they can make a rest cushion.
Global aging is serious. After retirement, the elderly start a wealth of cultural activities such as dancing Tai Chi fencing, and some group activities. Air cushions can also protect the elderly from harm.
Sports spirit is a symbol of national strength. Yoga, gymnastics, fitness, and sports are no longer exclusive to athletes. In the era of national fitness, inflatable air cushions are essential.
Inflatable air cushion is still a good toy, you can skate by splashing water, a few more children can jump on the bed
We have been focusing on the factory for many years and have accumulated a lot of experience in process improvement and customization. Now we have to start selling our products ourselves. Hope you can become our partner.

Expantion Series of Inflatable Tents

In the epidemic environment, all enterprises have to survive. In most countries around the world where roads are closed, there are basically no party promotion events, and sales of our inflatable advertising sales continue to decline.
According to Google Trends, we found that the number of recently searched inflatable tents is increasing, indicating that the market facing our products is picking up.

But in the face of lower and lower price wars among our peers, we found that the current market share of our products is already very difficult for our customers to continue to accompany us to continue. We need to add new products like Yogo mat and air mat.

We will still produce products such as inflatable tents, inflatable furniture and inflatable arches, but we will target another group of consumers.
In the next time, we will slowly show our plans and new Yanqi products to our new and old customers.

The Importance of Inflatable Products

If you pay attention to economic news from time to time, you may have noticed that China has begun the era of stall economic spreading;
If you always pay attention to life news, you will find more and more people fall in love with the marathon;
If you always pay attention to the leisure and entertainment circle, you will find that more and more people like outdoor activities and parties
If you are an outdoor expert, you will find that more and more people like sea surfing, surfboards and kite surfing are hot products;
Inflatable castles for children to play outdoors, inflatable tents and inflatable sofas for resting, inflatable air cushions for swimming on the water, inflatable tubes and cartoons for mobile phone shops, inflatable bar counters and inflatable tables for exhibitions, inflatable The products greatly facilitate and enrich our lives.

Inflatable products have a wide range of uses and variety in shapes. In addition, they can be made from a variety of materials. LED lights can also be added to increase the visial effect.
Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. has been cooperating with various channel merchants for a long time. They have rich and professional experience in the inflatable products industry. They are very keen on the market.
Due to environmental impact, the market for active and event  inflatable products has temporarily entered a dormant period, but advertising inflatable products are unstoppable, and recreational inflatable products are also irreplaceable. People need to find more fun in their depressed lives.
Kaicheng Outdoor Products has been focusing on the production of outdoor inflatable products for many years. The current inflatable products are mostly used for advertising and promotion, but in the future, more and more outdoor inflatable products will be developed to expand the products of customers who have long-term cooperation with us. , Please wait and see.

KCCE inflatable sofa and ottoman

Inflatable advertising sofa and round ottoman
KCCE inflatable advertising sofa and round ottoman is a simple outdoor activity product, easy to carry.
The two inflatable furniture can be sold together or separately.
No MOQ, an inflatable round stool can also be sold, because there are stock bladders.

KCCE inflatable disinfection tent

At the request of our customers, we have prepared a series of inflatable medical tents for uses including isolation, disinfection and showers.
When the epidemic is about to pass, many people will come out to party, exhibit, and go shopping, and many shopping malls need to re-vigorously promote their products.
During the epidemic, our products can be discounted and shipped quickly. You can prepare a beautiful inflatable advertising tent to welcome the day when everyone can come and go freely.
I wish we can enter another prosperity as soon as possible.

KCCE New Design Inflatable Medical Tent

Within three months
2,996 film and television companies went bankrupt
More than 12,000 education and training institutions disappeared
11,000 tourism companies closed down
More than 50,000 small restaurants closed for transfer
780 million people in China are in debt
47.2% have overdue
Unemployed and unemployed continue to rise
In 2020, your company will let you work normally every day and be the winner.
KCCE workers are still working overtime on orders. These include inflatable medical tents, inflatable disinfection tent,  inflatable furniture and inflatable advertising tents, as well as some newly developed samples from customers.
KCCE is willing to work with customers to face all market changes and develop new products to face market changes.

KCCE Inflatable Medical Tent

COVID-19 broke out globally, KCCE normal advertising inflatable tents, inflatable arches and inflatable furniture orders decreased, but the demand for medical tents increased.
Medical inflatable tents are mainly used to isolate patients, provide temporary places for medical staff to disinfect and place beds.
In order to meet the needs of customers, this tent is cheap and has a fast delivery time.


KCCE Women’s Day

Dongguan Kaicheng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., (short as KCCE)since its establishment 14 years ago, has always respected the personal value and emotion of each employee.

KCCE Colleagues will organize mountain climbing, parties, and singing together on weekends. There will be banquets on holiday companies. For KCCE employees, everyone who works hard is important.
On March 8th Women’s Day this year, just as the epidemic is raging, every KCCE employee is working hard to get the product to the customer. Every KCCE employee is doing his best.
In such a busy atmosphere, KCCE Adult Affairs Department still prepared gifts for every female employee of KCCE. Chocolate represents sweet life and roses represent love. KCCE company hopes that every female employee of KCCE will be healthy and happy.
KCCE inflatable products, 14 years of experience to achieve high quality, ingenuity to create each product, responsible for each customer, is the direction of each KCCE colleagues work together.


Inflatable Isolation Tent

due to policy reasons, we do not have the qualification to privately transport related medical supplies such as masks to our dear friends, but our country has provided related medical protective supplies to dozens of countries.

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 18, a reporter asked: The current outbreak has spread and spread in many places around the world. Many countries have submitted requests for assistance to China. Which countries have China provided medical aid to so far? Can you tell us the specific types and quantities of medical aid?
Geng Shuang: According to the information I currently have, the Chinese government has delivered medical protection supplies to Pakistan, Laos, Thailand, Iran, South Korea, Japan and other countries and the AU, and has provided a $ 20 million donation to WHO. Dozens of countries including Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Serbia, European Union, Cambodia, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Iraq, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Cuba, Chile, etc. provide assistance in the fight against epidemic materials and support friendly countries in Purchasing medical supplies in the Chinese market. In addition to the central government level, China’s local governments, enterprises and non-governmental organizations have also acted to actively provide donations to relevant countries.
In addition, China has also shared China’s experience in diagnosis, treatment and prevention by sending medical expert groups to Iran, Iraq, Italy and other countries, and holding video conferences with relevant countries and international organizations.
I voted for Mu Tao and reported it to Qiong Yao, which is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. We will never forget the political support provided by the international community to China at the time of the worst epidemic in China, and the anti-epidemic materials assistance provided by 79 countries and 10 international organizations to the Chinese people. Facing the severe situation that the epidemic is spreading globally, we are willing to continue to strengthen international cooperation with all parties in the fight against the epidemic, to jointly meet the challenges of the global pandemic, and to jointly promote the building of a community of shared future for humanity.

KCCE will develop a new type of isolation inflatable tent that can be used for personal or family isolation. Many news reports say that many foreign friends who like outdoor activities do not like to stay at home. They go out for excuses and walk the dog 38 times a day. We The isolated inflatable tent can provide you with a private space and also protect you.

KCCE Under the Epidemic

KCCE originally planned the Spring Festival holiday from January 17 to February 3, 2020. However, during this period, a very serious epidemic broke out in China. COVID-19 first broke out in Wuhan, and then appeared in neighboring provinces and cities, and even across the country. More and more confirmed cases. The country had to start an urgent response, announced the delayed start of school, the country began to close cities and roads, and the people of the country were isolated at home.
In response to the national call, KCCE extended the holiday to February 10. At this time there was no epidemic abroad, and foreign customers have been placing orders, but KCCE was unable to deliver on time. Most customers expressed their understanding, let us pay attention to safety at home. There are some Customers are very angry and think the Chinese government is very stupid to adopt this isolation method. KCCE salesmen can only find ways to explain to customers and let the factory plan to resume work as soon as possible.
After a series of reporting measures and submission of materials, KCCE finally officially started on February 18, 2020, and began production. Due to the cut off in traffic, many colleagues from other provinces were unable to work as scheduled, and only half of the people actually worked. At this time, the number of orders is several times as usual.The factory can only extend working hours and recruit temporary workers at the same time to shorten the production delivery time.
As of March 15th, KCCE urgent orders have been arranged for shipment. At this time, the foreign epidemics outbreak and spread very fast, first Italy, then Spain, France, the United States … Customers have told us that they start working at home and reduce outdoor activities.
This year is destined to be a unique year.Danger and opportunity coexist.The global economic situation is grim, many factories have closed down, and workers have lost their jobs. KCCE leaders will certainly find ways to lead KCCE employees to overcome the difficulties.